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1773 – J.H. Hofmann (Onkel Hayn’s grandfather) born in Neukirchen, Germany
1787 – J.H. Hofmann begins apprenticeship in Frankfurt under Anna Catharina Lindheimer Hiltebrand
1789 – J.G. Hayn (Onkel Hayn’s father) born in Gelnhausen
1798 – J.H. Hofmann marries Anna Catharina Hiltebrand, daughter of his employer, starts his first store in Frankfurt
1809 – J.H. Hofmann buys the Grüne Linde (home of his employer), expands the store
1814 – J.G. Hayn goes to Frankfurt as apprentice for J.H. Hofmann, Jr.
1822 – J.G. Hayn marries Anna Catharina Hofmann, daughter of his employer (and granddaughter of A.C. Lindheimer Hiltebrand)
1824 – J.G. Hayn is made partner in J.H. Hofmann, Jr.
1832 – A.W.E. Haase (also married to a Hofmann daughter) is made a partner in J.H. Hofmann, Jr.
1837 – J.H. Hofmann retires
1837 – Fritz Hofmann (son of J.H.) is made partner in J.H. Hofmann, Jr. (but leaves in 1840)
1837 – C.H. Schöffer (son of J.G. Hayn’s sister and wife of another Hofmann daughter) is made partner in J.H. Hofmann, Jr.
1838 – creation of sister firm, C.H. Schöffer & Co in Amsterdam
1840 – J.G. Hayn buys plot of land on the Pfingstweide and builds a summer residence for his growing family
1842 – J.H. Hofmann dies
1843 – expansion of J. H. Hofmann, Jr. to London with Theodor Trier & Co
1844 – Onkel Hayn is born in Frankfurt
1853 – Heinrich Eysenbach (son of  another of J.G. Hayn’s sisters) starts firm in Antwerp
1855 – Wilhelm Schöffer (brother of C.H.)  starts firm in Rotterdam
1859 – Christoph Hayn joins a business in Brazil
1861 – Christoph Hayn returns from Brazil and brother Carl takes his place in the firm
1861 – Heinrich and Christoph Hayn form J.H. & J.C. Hayn in London
1861 – August Haase (son of A.W.E.)  forms Haase & Co in Le Havre
1861 – A.W.E. Haase and J.G. Hayn retire from Amsterdam branch
1864 – Onkel Hayn moves to Rotterdam to work for his cousin Wilhelm Schöffer
1864 – C.H. Schöffer returns to Gelnhausen and builds Weisse Villa
1865 – Lina Hayn marries Christoph Hellfeld
1867 – Christoph Hayn becomes partner in Trier & Co.
1866 – Onkel Hayn moves to Rotterdam, works for H. Eysenbach & Co.
1866 – Austro-Prussian war; Germany restructured, Frankfurt loses status as Free State
1866 – Heinrich Eysenbach dies
1867 – Onkel Hayn moves to London, works for Wiener & Co. , lives with brother Christoph
1868 – Wilhelm Schöffer returns to Gelnhausen, starts building Villa Wituh
1870 – Onkel Hayn vacations on Isle of Wight with his brother Heinrich
1870 – Franco-Prussian war; Onkel Hayn’s mother dies and his childhood friend Fritz Lindheimer falls in battle
1872 – J.G. Hayn sells the Grüne Linde, moves to live with Lina Hayn Hellfeld
1872 – Onkel Hayn returns to Rotterdam, takes on a leading position in W. Schöffer & Co.
1873 – Christoph Hayn and Alphons Roman create Hayn Roman & Co. in London/Liverpool
1873 – J.G. Hayn retires from J.H. Hofmann, Jr.
1873 – W. Schöffer forms Konsortium, which makes both him and his brother C.H. wealthy
1875 – J.G. Hayn dies
1875 – Onkel Hayn makes first trip to Switzerland (Engelberg), re-connects with Marie Ruoff
1876 – Onkel Hayn and Marie Ruoff get engaged on Jan. 14
1876 – Villa Wituh in Gelnhausen is finished, W. Schöffer gives a party in honor of the engagements of his daughter Lina to Alfred Ruoff, and Onkel Hayn to Marie Ruoff
1876 – August 10, Onkel Hayn and Marie Ruoff marry in Frankfurt
1878 – death of C.H. Schöffer
1880 – birth of Onkel Hayn’s son Alfred, Jan. 4, Marie’s health declines
1881 – Onkel Hayn and family move to London where he is made a partner in Roman, Hayn & Co.
1882 – Marie Ruoff goes to Davos for the winter months, Onkel Hayn makes business trips to Barcelona and Italy.
1883 – Christoph Hayn moves back to Frankfurt to live with his widowed sister Lina Hellfeld and her four children at his house, Eschenheimer Landesstrasse 69.
1885 – Marie Hayn dies on May 30 at age 28 when Alfred is 5 years old
1886 – Onkel Hayn moves to Le Havre, Christoph Hayn retires from Hayn Roman & Co.
1888 – vacation in the Berner Oberland
1889 – visit to the World Expo in Paris
1890 – Christoph Hayn dies, Onkel Hayn makes another trip to Switzerland
1890 – Cholera epidemic in Hamburg and Le Havre. Onkel Hayn leaves Le Havre and visits Austria and the Dolomites
1893 – Lina Hellfeld and her daughter Catha visit Onkel Hayn in Le Havre
1894 – first visit to the Bayreuther Festspiele with brother-in-law Alfred Ruoff, stops off at Gelnhausen on his way there. The Schöffer house in the Langgasse is now owned by grandson Willy, son of Wilhelm.
1895 – Lina Hayn’s  son Ferdinand dies in Santos, Brazil, while working for his uncle Hermann Hayn
1895/6 – trips to Switzerland, Spain, and Italy
1896 – takes niece Catha Hellfeld to the Bayreuther Festspiele
1900 – Catha Hellfeld marries August Bütschli and moves to Basel along with her mother Lina
1903 – Walter Roman, son of Alphons, becomes partner in all three locations
1905 – Wilhelm Schöffer dies in Gelnhausen
1905 – Onkel Hayn buys house the house on Rue Cochet in Le Havre, which he had rented for ten years
1907 – Onkel Hayn’s son Alfred makes a trip to the US
1908 – Alphons Roman retires, his son Theodor becomes partner in all three locations, Onkel Hayn becomes senior partner, Alfred Hayn enters the firm in Le Havre
1911 – vacation in Samedan
1912 – retires from Hayn, Roman & Co, his son takes over
1914 – war breaks out, Onkel Hayn must leave Le Havre. His house is confiscated, the business in ruins. Alfred Hayn is interned on the Isle of Man
1918 – the firm is restructured, with Theodor and Erich Roman in charge of the London branch, and Alfred Hayn and Walter Roman in charge of the Hamburg branch
1920? – Onkel Hayn goes to live with his sister Lina Hellfeld in Basel


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