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Onkel Hayn’s CV

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2014-03-09 14.14.12Onkel Hayn was involved with several import businesses during his lifetime, all of them in different countries, and all but one of them connected in some way to his grandfather, J.H. Hofmann, Jr.. The businesses were lucrative, and Onkel Hayn states that he was worth several million DM at the peak of his career. Had it not been for WWI he would most likely have lived out his days in Le Havre, France, but both his business and home were confiscated, circumstances which eventually led to his decision to move to Switzerland.

Below his “berufliche Laufbahn”:

1.    Lehre in Frankfurt bei J.H. Hofmann, Jr. 1860 – 1864 in the Engros-Geschäft,  Im Grossen Hirschgraben 4, Frankfurt
2.    Anstellung in Rotterdam 1864-66 bei Wilhelm Schöffer & Co.
3.    Anstellung in Antwerpen von 1866-67 bei Eysenbach & Co (until his cousin’s death)
4.    Bürostelle bei Baumwollgeschäft Wiener & Co, London 1867-72
5.    Anstellung bei Wilhelm Schöffer & Co 1872- 1881, Organisierung und Leitung eines Baumwollgeschäfts
6.    Teilhaber bei Hayn Roman & Co in London (coffee and sugar) and Liverpool (cotton) 1881-1886
7.    Teilhaber und Geschäftsleitung bei Hayn Roman & Co in Le Havre 1886-1912